Hello, I’m Tim. I was previously a lawyer at Google before scaling Android to become the world's most used mobile operating system as its Head of Partnerships in EMEA. If you are looking to scale your business through strategic partnerships and want a non-executive board member to help smooth the path to global ecosystem dominance, I may be able to help.

To Android...

In the early 2000s Google wanted global reach, which increasingly meant mobile products. Connected mobile hardware and networks existed, but the mobile industry was not composed for the Internet. Competing business models, incompatible technologies and poor consumer experiences frustrated scale. Our solution in Android was one complete software platform creating a new ecosystem of compatible products and services to make the mobile industry Internet-enabled. My time at Symbian showed how technology could fail under a broken business model and control structure. At Android we owned software development, developed at pace, distributed open source, and incentivised partners to solve industry-wide problems using our ecosystem model. Using this we composed the industry to one vision for product compatibility and quality; platform anti-fragmentation; transformation of gatekeeper business models; and massive user acquisition, unifying an entire industry to a single plan and bringing the world online like never before.

And beyond...

I have since refined an ecosystem framework to use as a mapping and planning tool, which I apply to organisations looking to achieve scale by arranging the world in their favour.

Your journey...

I help you assess your current position, talk to your team and stakeholders, identify opportunities and challenges and combine it all with the documents, plans and processes to arrange for progress. I help you produce an ecosystem model of your organisation and embed it in your core operations so it’s central to your planning, analysis and reporting.

My Journey

My journey

Head of Legal at Google in UK

Legal Council for Google

Co-founder at Peek Vision eye health platform

Head of Strategic Partnerships Google Android

Head of Strategic Partnerships Google Android

Board Director and strategy advisor at HotelMap

On demand coach for your moon shot adventure

Non-Executive Director

Your board's strategic, partnerships and growth advisor.

Ex Google Lawyer and Head of Strategic, Partnerships for Android.