I make collaborations work.

I founded Google's Android partner ecosystem in EMEA to help Android become the biggest mobile platform in the known universe.

I then co-founded Peek Vision, a technology nonprofit used by NGOs and Governments to screen whole populations for visual impairment.

Effective collaborations are more than simply relationships, plans and agreements.

They are incentives and interests acted on from perspectives, within processes.

They invoke intentions and involve interactions across knowns and unknowns.

We navigate them consciously and unconsciously using Collaboration Maps, either explicitly or implicitly.

They connect our capabilities and incentives to create value.

The better our map, the easier and more useful the collaboration.

And when collaborations end, a map helps us navigate positive exits.

I help clients build Collaboration Maps as their:

  • project advisor
  • interim executive
  • part time/fractal leader
  • long term coach
  • non-executive board director


The Collaboration Map

About Me


The Android Ecosystem


My Journey

My journey

Head of Legal at Google in UK

Legal Council for Google

Co-founder at Peek Vision eye health platform

Head of Strategic Partnerships Google Android

Head of Strategic Partnerships Google Android

Board Director and strategy advisor at HotelMap

On demand coach for your moon shot adventure

Non-Executive Director

Your board's strategic, partnerships and growth advisor.

Ex Google Lawyer and Head of Strategic, Partnerships for Android.