I make collaborations work.

I founded Google's Android partner ecosystem in EMEA, helping to build the world's largest mobile platform.

I co-founded Peek Vision, working with partner Governments and NGOs to deliver eye health services at scale.

I co-founded The Mediation Specialists, an international network of civil and commercial mediators.

I am building A.R.T., the rights ecosystem for A.I. in creative industries at Flawless.

Collaboration helps solve our most difficult problems.

Because those are problems that affect lots of us.

Our shared opinions organise under common principles (not consensus) – and flourish within boundaries (not infinite space).

I create collaboration maps to bridge minds with a common narrative, to unlock your own collaboration as your:

  • project advisor
  • interim executive
  • part time/fractal leader
  • long term coach
  • non-executive board director


The Collaboration Map

About Me


The Android Ecosystem


My Journey

My journey

Head of Legal at Google in UK

Legal Council for Google

Co-founder at Peek Vision eye health platform

Head of Strategic Partnerships Google Android

Head of Strategic Partnerships Google Android

Board Director and strategy advisor at HotelMap

On demand coach for your moon shot adventure

Non-Executive Director

Your board's strategic, partnerships and growth advisor.

Ex Google Lawyer and Head of Strategic, Partnerships for Android.