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Tim Carter
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I make collaborations work.


To me collaboration is a core principle of life. Failing to collaborate on solving our important problems violates this principle, so I have dedicated my career to enabling collaboration within complexity, uncertainty and difference to unlock the power of human potential.

I am at my best when storytelling, explicating, encouraging and inspiring diverse perspectives to combine their capabilities to solve important and valuable challenges.

Throughout my varied career in law, technology businesses and non-profits I have routinely chosen the path of collaboration to provide significant solutions. I have experienced building (and failing to build) collective ownership to solve complexity.

I enjoy untangling these often intricate situations, unpacking things to their core components to bring everyone to the same level. This creates an opportunity for collaborative enquiry about the best way to rearrange things for the better, or to achieve something more. I like to involve relevant minds in uncovering practical ways that not only solve the problem, but continue binding them together for future projects, finding common ground on which to build alignment and antifragile structures.

I do this specifically with safety and controls in mind so that collaborators have the toolts to maintain direction and protect  their future options.

I am great at working with your [unique] people and stakeholders, communicating by analogy, example and visualisation to expand collective understanding and commitment.

I find the data, strategy, plans and execution styles that suit your purpose, and I have the patience to work urgently over the long term.

Me with Androids in London & Mountain View.

Photo credits: Tim Carter & unknown, 2014

Android's impact on the mobile industry.

Data: StatCounter.com (link). Chart: Tim Carter, 2022

I’m skilled at delivering intellectually and operationally complex projects, using Collaboration Maps to organise and mobilise multi-disciplinary, multicultural & multinational teams.

Testing a grandmother’s vision with Peek Acuity at her home in Nakuru County, Kenya.

Photo credit: Tim Carter, 2017

Helping HotelMap.com go global at IBTM in Barcelona, as Commercial Non-executive Director (Strategy).

Photo credit: Steven Potter, 2018

I have created worldwide collaborations in:

  • travel

  • health

  • Big Tech

  • nonprofit

  • payments

  • academia

  • enterprise

  • early stage

  • accounting

  • fundraising

  • government

I distil my approach as the Collaboration Map.

Click here to see how.

How I work

How I work

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How to make a platform

How to make a platform

Solve fragmentation and provide consistency between users while offering unique value and ensuring user compliance.


Collaboration models

Collaboration models

What are collaboration models and how are they useful?